HC Deb 17 November 1927 vol 210 cc1085-6

asked the Minister of Pensions whether he is aware that Mr. John Bryant, 29, Saffron Street, Whitehall, enlisted as a fit man in September, 1914, but that as a result of injuries or strain hernia occurred, and an operation was performed; that the pensions appeal tribunal decided that the hernia was attributable to service, but expressed the view that the effects of the disability had passed away; that Mr. Bryant completed 20 years' service with the forces; that during last year it has been medically certified that he lost over four months' employment due to the hernia, which was admitted to be due to service; and whether, seeing that the Ministry continues to provide treatment and two trusses per year, he will consider the desirability of having Mr. Bryant re-examined, under Circular 30, with a view to a reissue of pension?


As I have already informed the hon. Member, this case has been specially considered, but no grounds were found on which further action in the direction suggested would be justified.


Seeing that the disability was admittedly attributable to service and that the man had 20 years' service, can the right hon. and gallant Gentleman justify the action of depriving this man of a pension?


Disability pension is not granted on length of service which, in this case, was not 20 years but 12. A medical examination was made, and it was found that the conditions did not justify the continuance of the pension.