HC Deb 10 November 1927 vol 210 cc331-2

asked the Minister of Pensions, seeing that officials of a voluntary organisation with a representative on the Central Advisory Committee are able to inform widows that their claim for pension under Article 17a is outside the basis accepted by the Ministry, but that it is hoped to get this widened at an early date, what are the conditions, apart from the percentage on which pension is issued, governing the issue of a pension under Article 17a to widows whose husbands died more than seven years after the termination of active service?


The terms of the Royal Warrant require me to have regard to the circumstances of the man's death and other conditions of the case. An award of pension is made in all cases where I am advised that there is such material degree of connection between the man's death and the effects of his war service as, while not amounting to the direct causal connection required for the award of the maximum pension under Article 17b, is nevertheless considered by me to justify a grant. I know of no authority for the statement referred to in the first part of the question.