HC Deb 31 May 1927 vol 207 cc180-2

asked the President of the Board of Trade the value of the goods imported liable to Key Industry Duties during the first four months of the present and the previous year, respectively?

The PRESIDENT of the BOARD of TRADE (Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister)

The answer is in tabular form, and, with the concurrence of my hon. Friend, I will circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

The following statement shows the value of the goods upon which Key Industry Duty was paid during the periods stated:
Description. January to April, 1926. January to April, 1927.
£ £
Optical glass, optical elements and optical instruments 95,778 100,496*
Scientific glassware, lamp blown ware and laboratory porcelain 46,641 43,899
Scientific instruments; gauges and measuring instruments of precision. 34,620 48,326†
Wireless valves and similar rectifiers and vacuum tubes 57,488 44,393
Ignition magnetos‡ and permanent magnets 16,438 11,545
Arc-lamp carbons 9,343 6,973
Hosiery latch needles 21,235 22,191
Metallic tungsten, ferro-tungsten, manufactures of metallic tungsten and rare earth compounds. 5,760 13,636
Synthetic organic chemicals (other than finished and intermediate organic dyestuffs and colours), fine chemicals and fermentation chemicals. 176,375 187,956
Amorphous carbon electrodes Not dutiable in this period. 86
Ferro-molybdenum; Ferro-vanadium; Molybdenum and vanadium and compounds thereof. 3,557
Total of above 463,678 483,058
* Includes also component parts of optical instruments in this period.
† Includes also component parts of scientific instruments in this period.
‡ Ignition magnetos are subject to Key Industry Duty only when the Key Industry Duty exceeds the duty leviable under Finance Acts, 1925 and 1926, on motor cars, etc.


asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he is prepared to arrange for a revision of the classification of the trade and navigation Returns so as to show in the monthly Returns the imports of the goods liable to Key Industry Duties:


I will consider, in consultation with the Treasury, whether it would be possible to publish in the Trade Returns figures showing for each quarter the value of the imports on which Key Industry Duty has been paid.


Will my right hon. Friend consider the importance, from the point of view of the industries of this country, of having figures of that kind issued?


I have said that I shall consult with the Treasury. It is a question of expense.


Will my right hon. Friend consider whether he cannot include in this suggested Return the whole range of articles subject to duty, instead of confining it to key industries:


I think all the other articles subject to duty are dealt with in a sufficiently complete manner in the Returns. This is a question of a particular selection out of a general class of articles.