HC Deb 31 May 1927 vol 207 cc212-3
59. Mr. HURD

asked the Minister of Health what is the number of licensed producers of graded milk, that is to say, in the three categories of certified, Grade A (T.T.), and Grade A, respectively; the amount of the licence fee in each case and the total amount of such fees collected during the past year; and whether, in view of the deterrent effect of such fees upon the production of milk of guaranteed cleanliness, he will abolish these charges and regard the work of the Ministry's inspectors in this sphere as a public health service?


The numbers of licensed producers of certified, Grade A (tuberculin tested), and Grade A milk in England and Wales on the 31st March last were 121, 150 and (at least) 266, respectively.

The amount of the annual licence fee in each case is:

  • Certified.—£5.
  • Grade A (tuberculin tested) or
  • Grade A.—£1 1s. (or if the milk is bottled on the farm, £3 3s.).
The total amount of the fees paid to my Department in respect of producers' licences for certified and Grade A (tuberculin tested) milk for the calendar year 1926 was £699 18s. 6d.

Licences to producers of Grade A milk are granted by local authorities, and my right hon. Friend regrets that he cannot state either the precise number of such licences in operation or the total amount of fees paid in respect thereof.

My right hon. Friend has no reason to believe that the licence fees which represent only a part of the cost of inspection and bacteriological examination have had a deterrent effect on the production of clean milk, and, he does not at present propose to abolish them.

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