HC Deb 23 May 1927 vol 206 cc1656-7
67. Sir J. POWER (for Mr. H. WILLIAMS)

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the quantity of British-made artificial silk on which Excise Duty was paid during the first four months of this year and last year, respectively?


As the answer is in tabular form, I will, with my hon. Friend's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the information:

hillsides, moorlands, coal-tips and other waste ground?


State Forest Policy was included in a general statement on land policy (Cmd. 2581) issued by the Government in 1926. I have handed to the hon. Member for Anglesey the relative extract. In addition to an area of over 55,000 acres planted by local authorities and private individuals during the last five years under the Forestry Commission's Grants Schemes, the Commission planted 71,000 acres to the end of last season. This has been increased by 22,400 acres during the current season, while the programme for next season is 26,800 acres. The land suitable for afforestation which has been and is being acquired by the Forestry Commission includes hillsides, moorlands and waste ground. Coal-tips must at present be regarded as unsuitable for afforestation on an economic basis.


Have the Forestry Commissioners circularised local authorities urging them to have water catchment areas afforested?


Yes. The hon. Member knows, because he asked me the other day, and we have recircularised the authorities.




In the last month.

Country whence Consigned. 1924. 1925. 1926.
Tons. Tons. Tons.
Finland 5,597 4,256 4,090
Sweden 8,166 9,389 6,432
Norway 7,887 9,422 9,184
Netherlands 14,056 12,110 3,909
Belgium 176,477 174,100 167,756
France 20,860 30,871 27,090
Channel Islands 374,008 393,833 326,540
Other Countries 569 975 2,089
Total Imports 607,620 634,956 547,090
Declared Values.
£ £ £
Finland 11,316 10,007 10,618
Sweden 27,105 34,329 23,930
Norway 20,721 20,709 17,527
Netherlands 9,701 9,393 3,271
Belgium 166,901 145,747 140,802
France 19,985 26,726 24,481
Channel Islands 327,828 338,007 275,945
Other Countries 1,198 2,089 2,286
Total Imports 584,755 587,007 498,860