HC Deb 12 May 1927 vol 206 cc572-3

asked the Attorney-General if he will consider the amending of the Regulations relating to the appointment of County Court Bailiffs so that, in addition to Army, Navy, Air Force, and police long-service pensioners, all pensioners who served in the late War would be eligible for appointment?

The ATTORNEY-GENERAL (Sir Douglas Hogg)

The Regulations, which are made by the Lord Chancellor and the Treasury jointly, merely carry out the general and long settled policy of His Majesty's Government— that is, to find, so far as practicable, employment in the Government service for long-service pensioners who greatly exceed in number the posts available for them. Any proposal for amendment could, therefore, only be considered as a general question affecting other classes of employés besides County Court Bailiffs.


Is the Attorney-General aware that appointments have been made, and afterwards when it was discovered that the pension was a wound pension and not a long-service pension, although they gave every satisfaction in their duties, they have been dismissed; and is he aware that ex-service men generally regard this as a distinct grievance?


I have no personal knowledge of this question, and I am only conveying the answer from the appropriate Department. I will, however, see that what the hon. Member has said is brought to their attention.