HC Deb 10 May 1927 vol 206 c208

asked the Minister of Labour, with reference to the Government's decision to abandon any further programme of unemployment relief works during the coming winter, whether this decision applies to those towns, such as Devonport, in which the Government has discharged large bodies of workers for whom no alternative employment is available in the district; and whether the Government can see its way, in these circumstances, to make some special provision for productive work?

The MINISTER of LABOUR (Sir A. Steel-Maitland)

As stated in my answer to a question by the hon. Member for Shoreditch on the 4th May, local authorities in areas where unemployment is exceptional will continue to receive State aid for accelerated schemes of relief work, and local authorities in Devonport may make application for grants if unemployment in the area becomes exceptional and they are otherwise able to satisfy the conditions.