HC Deb 05 May 1927 vol 205 cc1741-2

asked the Minister of Health, (1) whether in case of an influx of casuals exceeding the accommodation of the ward, the master is authorised by regulation to give them tickets on lodging houses for lodging and food or, if not, in what way is he to provide for them; and under what order or circular is the master empowered to act in such cases;

(2) whether he will modify Article 9 of the Casual Poor (Relief) Order 25, so as to allow the master to shorten the period of detention prescribed by that order for casuals if such detention will cause, or is likely to cause, overcrowding of the ward, or will involve, or is likely to involve, emergency arrangements sun as to render it impossible to give to the casual the proper sleeping accommodation, bed and night clothing, as is required by Article 16 and 7 of that Order.


A master of a workhouse is not in any case authorised to issue tickets on lodging houses for persons holding orders of admission to a casual ward. His duty is to make emergency arrangements for all such persons. In the event of the position being such that suitable emergency arrangements cannot be made, he should communicate with the relieving officer, who has authority to issue such tickets in the cases which cannot be accommodated in the institution. I have no reason to suppose that serious difficulties in regard to this matter have arisen on account of the terms of the Casual Poor (Relief) Order, 1925, and I do not consider that any modification of the Order is required.