HC Deb 24 March 1927 vol 204 c560

asked the Minister of Labour how many men are at present in training at residential training centres established and organised by his Department; how many men passed through the centres up to 31st January; the cost per head; and the total amount of money per week, or other emoluments, paid trainees in addition to board and lodging?


The number of men now in training at the Ministry of Labours two residential training centres is 396. Up to 31st January, 1927, 522 men had passed through a course of training. This number is exclusive of men who either voluntarily withdrew from training or were discharged for various reasons. The average weekly cost per head, exclusive of capital charges, is about 46s. Men in training for employment in this country are in receipt of unempolyment benefit and pay 13s. a week towards the cost of the board and lodging provided. Those in training for employment overseas receive free board and lodging and a personal allowance of 5s. a week, but are not in receipt of unemployment benefit. All men receive their fares to and from the centre and in certain cases tools or clothes may be given in addition.


Is it the intention of the Department to increase the facilities for the number of men attending these centres?


At present I am afraid that I can make no further statement.