HC Deb 22 March 1927 vol 204 cc213-4

asked the President of the Board of Trade what was the value of the trade with Shanghai of Great Britain and each of the principal foreign countries in the latest year for which the figures are available?


The answer includes a table of figures, and the hon. Member will perhaps agree to my circulating it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the reply:

The following statement shows the gross value of the foreign trade of Shanghai during the year 1925, the latest year for which such information has been received:—

Country. Chinese Currency Million British Equivalent Thousand
Haikwan Tales. £
Great Britain 99.26 17,320
Hong Kong 39.22 6,840
Other British countries 79.58 13,890
Total British Empire 218.06 38,050
United States 176.96 30,880
Japan (including Formosa and Korea) 150.89 26,330
France 68.44 11,940
Netherlands 10.86 1,890
Dutch East Indies 32.72 5,710
Germany 26.53 4,630
Italy 10.11 1,760
Other countries 43.50 7,590
Total 738.07 128,780

By "gross value of the foreign trade" is meant the sum of foreign goods imported from places outside China, and of Chinese produce (whether of local or other Chinese origin) exported to places outside China.

A distinction between imports and exports in the trade of the port of Shanghai with individual countries is not made in the original returns.

In converting Chinese currency to its British equivalent the Haikwan Tael has been taken as 3s. 5⅞d., the average sight exchange on London during 1925, as calculated by the Chinese Maritime Customs.

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