HC Deb 22 March 1927 vol 204 cc184-5
27 and 28. Mr. BATEY

asked the Secretary for Mines (1) the number of works in existence in Great Britain which are manufacturing by-products from coal; and the number of workers employed;

(2) the number of by-product works in connection with the coal-mining industry; the number worked as part of the colliery; the number worked as separate companies; and the dividends paid in each of the years 1924, 1925 and 1926, respectively?


It appears from the information supplied to the Board of Trade in connection with the Third Census of Production that the average number of persons (including operative, clerical and administrative staffs) employed at coke works at collieries in 1924 was 13,348, and the number at coke works at blast furnaces 5,200. At all the latter works by-products are manufactured, but at the former the plant includes a considerable number of beehive ovens, some companies recovering no by-products.

I may be able at a later date to give the numbers of persons employed at works at which by-products are manufactured, and as to the number of coke works, but these particulars are not at present available. I am also not in possession of information as to the dividends paid by companies owning coke works.