HC Deb 16 March 1927 vol 203 cc2013-4

asked the Home Secretary if he is aware that charitable institutions are in danger of losing a large proportion of their revenue unless the Sunday Observance Act is either repealed or suitably amended in accordance with present-day needs and practices; and will he consider such amendment and relieve owners or lessees of theatres, cinemas, and halls from their present anxiety, seeing that such places are usually lent free of charge for charitable purposes?


I have no such information, nor do I know to what particular difficulties the hon. Member refers in the first part of his question. If he cares to send me any information that he has, I will consider it, but my right hon. Friend cannot hold out any prospect of legislation on this very controversial question.


Is the hon. and gallant Gentleman not aware that under the terms of the Sunday Observance Act, any proprietor of a cinema, theatre, or hall who grants the free use of his hall for charitable purposes and then allows a charge to be made for admission is liable, if one single person should object to that payment, to a fine of £200, and for that reason will the hon. and gallant Gentleman look into the matter further and amend or repeal the Statute?


I am aware of some of the contents of the Act in question, but do not know of any particular difficulties that have arisen, and if the hon. Member will send me details of any, I will have them investigated.