HC Deb 30 June 1927 vol 208 cc563-4
73. Mr. KELLY

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty what is the number of temporary staff employed in the headquarters offices and outports of his Department, respectively, in each of the following grades: Grade 1 shorthand-typists, Grade 2 shorthand-typists, Grade 1 copying-typists, and Grade 2 copying-typists; and the average length of service of the shorthand-typists and copying-typists concerned?

Lieut.-Colonel HEADLAM

The figures so far as concerned the Admiralty are as follow:

Average Service:
No. Years. Months.
Grade I. 23 6 5
Grade II. 2 4 4
Grade I. 55 7 0
Grade II. 1 2 0
There are also two Grade III. typists, average service two years. The supply of similar information in regard to the out-port staff would necessitate considerable enquiry, and therefore, unless the hon. Member thinks this information of such

TEMPORARY Shorthand-typists and Copying-typists serving in certain Departments of the Board of Trade.
Temporary Shorthand-typists. Temporary Copying-typists. Remarks.
Grade I. Grade II. Grade I. Grade II.
Establishment Department 13 3 26 1 This staff is part of a "pool" serving all Departments of the Board.
Census of Production Office 1 5
Solicitor's Department (Included under Establishment Department.)
Industrial Property Department (Including Patent Office). 6
Manchester Trade Marks Office
Companies Department (Included under Establishment Department.)
Department of Overseas Trade 27 1 24
Mines Department 4 3 2
45 4 64 3

urgent public importance as to justify the expenditure of considerable time and labour, I trust that he will not press for it.


Were the machines they use made in Britain or America?


May I consult with the hon. and gallant Gentleman?

60. Mr. KELLY

asked the President of the Board of Trade what is the number of temporary staff employed as Grade 1 shorthand-typists, Grade 2 shorthand-typists, Grade 1 copying-typists, and Grade 2 copying-typists, respectively, in each of the following departments of the Board of Trade: Establishment Department; Census of Production Office; Solicitor's Department; Industrial Property Department, including Patent Office; Manchester Trade Marks Office; Companies Department; Department of Overseas Trade; and Mines Department?


The answer has been prepared in tabular form. Perhaps the hon. Member will, accordingly, allow me to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

The following statement gives the information desired by the hon. Member:

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