HC Deb 16 June 1927 vol 207 cc1192-3

Mr. DAVID REID reported from the Committee of Selection; That they had nominated the following Members to serve on Standing Committee D: Mr. Albery, Major Astor, Major Attlee, Commander Bellairs, Major Birchall, Mr. Blundell, Sir Harry Brittain, Mr. Broad, Mr. Bromley, Brigadier-General Brooke, Mr. Ernest Brown, Mr. Buchan, Major Sir Herbert Cayzer, Brigadier-General Sir George Cockerill, Major Courtauld, Sir Henry Cowan, Sir Thomas Davies, Mr. Drewe, Mr. Ellis, Viscount Elveden, Mr. Ernest Evans, Captain Fairfax, Sir Bertram Falls, Lord Fermoy, Mr. Gardner, Mr. Gibbins, Mr. Grace, Mr. Groves, Mr. Grundy, Captain D'Arcy Hall, Mr. George Hall, Mr. George Hirst, Colonel Sir Arthur Holbrook, Captain Arthur Hope, Mr. Austin Hopkinson, Mr. Robert Hudson, Mr. John Jones, Major-General Sir Alfred Knox, Mr. Lamb, Mr. March, Captain Moreing, Mr. Paling, Colonel Perkins, Sir Frank Sanderson, Mr. Shepperson, Major Steel, Mr. Tinne, Mr. Wallhead, Sir Victor Warrender and Sir Francis Watson.

Mr. David REID further reported from the Committee; That they had added the following Twenty Members to Standing Committee D (in respect of the Audit (Local Authorities) Bill): Lord Balniel, Sir Gervase Beckett, Mr. Boothby, Captain Brass, Mr. Chamberlain, Sir Henry Cautley, Mr. Duff Cooper, Mr. Arthur Greenwood, Captain Gunston, Mr. Hannon, Mr. Harney, Major Harvey, Mr. James Hudson, Mr. Lansbury, Miss Lawrence, Mr. Lawson, Sir Douglas Newton, Sir Asshetim Pownall, Mr. Sutton and Sir Kingsley Wood.

Reports to lie upon the Table.