HC Deb 15 June 1927 vol 207 cc981-2

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether, having regard to the continuance of strained relations between Albania and Yugoslavia, which threaten the good understanding between nations upon which peace depends, he will exercise his right under Article XI of the Covenant to bring the matter before the attention of the Council so that a satisfactory settlement, guaranteed by the League, can be arrived at?


The Secretary of State is now at Geneva attending the meeting of the Council, and the right hon. Gentleman may rest assured that the Foreign Secretary will use his discretion as to the best means of assisting the two parties to reach a satisfactory settlement.


Does the hon. Gentleman think that it is desirable to take any opportunity of bringing the relations of these two countries under the normal influence of the League?


Probably the right hon. Gentleman is aware that Albania and Yugoslavia have each sent a Note to the League of Nations describe- ing the situation, but neither of them has asked that the question should be brought before the Council. Until they do that I do not see what we can usefully do.


Does the hon. Gentleman not think that it is peculiar that Britain should be interesting itself in the League on behalf of these two States when Britain itself has quarrelled with another State and does not bring the matter before the League, that is, Russia versus Britain?

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