HC Deb 28 July 1927 vol 209 cc1423-4
5. Mr. HAYES

asked the Home Secretary whether he will state the number of persons who were removed from prisons to outside hospitals in order that operations might be performed during the year 1926, and the number of cases of childbirth, if any, that took place inside prisons including Broadmoor, during the year 1923?


98 persons were removed from prison during 1926 under Section 17 (6) of the Criminal Justice Administration Act, 1914, for surgical or medical treatment which could not be given in prison. The number of cases of childbirth in prisons (including two in the Aylesbury Borstal Institution) during the same year was 18. The corresponding figures for Broadmoor are, none and one.


Would an amendment of the law be necessary in order that cases of this character might be treated outside prison?


If it were compulsory, yes, an amendment of the law would be necessary. There is always a prerogative, which in certain cases is exercised, and in certain cases is not exercised.

Colonel DAY

How many of these 98 people were on parole and how many in custody during the operations?


I cannot say without notice. There is provision under the Act, as the hon. Member knows, for removal to hospital for the purposes of surgical or medical treatment which cannot be given in prison, and there are arrangements made for the persons concerned to go back to prison when the operation is over.