HC Deb 28 July 1927 vol 209 cc1455-6
54. Lord APSLEY

asked the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs if he is aware that W. Manfield, of Southampton, a butcher and carpenter by trade, with a wife and nine children, all of them strong and healthy, applied for an assisted passage to Australia over a year go; that, though not rejected by Australia House, he has been kept waiting all this time; that, whereas he was 38 when he applied, he will soon be 40, and in danger of being told that he is over age for an assisted passage; and whether, seeing that Man-field and his family are the most desirable type of migrant for Australia, he can see his way to assisting in the expedition of their passage?


I have been asked to reply. I am informed that Mr. Manfield applied to Australia House for settlement under the Western Australian Group Settlement Scheme on 15th February, 1927, giving his age as 44 years. Mr. Manfield was advised that as recruiting for the Group Settlement Scheme was in abeyance he could not be accepted under that scheme until it was reopened. He was also informed that his name had been noted for consideration in connection with any vacancies which may occur amongst the group settlers. It is inadvisable for a family of this size to be assisted to proceed overseas unless adequate arrangements are made for their settlement, but inquiry will be made as to the possibility of this family being nominated by a voluntary organisation who will undertake responsibility for their settlement.


Is there any chance of this case being re-opened in the near future?


I must ask for notice of that question.