HC Deb 18 July 1927 vol 209 cc1-2

Derwent Valley Water Board Bill,

Metropolitan Water Board Bill,

Lords Amendments considered, and agreed to.

Isle of Wight Water Bill [Lords],

Read the Third time, and passed, with Amendments.

Wessex Electricity Bill [Lords] (King's Consent Signified),

Bill read the Third time, and passed, with Amendments.

Mersey Tunnel (Birkenhead Entrance, etc.), Bill [Lords],

Read a Second time, and committed.

Ordered, That Standing Orders 82, 211, 236, and 237 be suspended, and that the Committee on the Bill have leave to sit and proceed To-morrow.—(The Deputy-Chairman.)

Liverpool Corporation Bill [Lords],

Ordered, That the proceedings on the Consideration of the Liverpool Corporation Bill [Lords] [15th July] be null and void.

Bill, as amended, to be considered upon Thursday.—(The Deputy-Chairman.)

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