HC Deb 05 July 1927 vol 208 cc1078-80
20. Mr. LOOKER

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will consider the desirability of taking power to make Regulations limiting the size and passenger-carrying capacity of heavy motor vehicles carrying more than eight passengers; and, if so, what limitations are contemplated?

The MINISTER of TRANSPORT (Colonel Ashley)

It is my intention to make in the near future an Order dealing with the construction of heavy motor cars. I propose to impose for the first time general limitations upon overall length, and, in respect of four-wheeled public service passenger vehicles, to prescribe limits of laden weight lower than those now permitted for heavy motor cars generally. Seating capacity is indirectly controlled by the limitation of length, width and weight. The proposed Order covers a good deal of ground, and I cannot, therefore, go into details now, and must ask my hon. Friend to await the issue of the Order.


Does not my right hon. and gallant Friend think it desirable to indicate as soon as possible the nature of these Regulations, for public information and discussion?

Colonel ASHLEY

I quite agree. The Order will be issued without any avoidable delay.


Will this only affect new vehicles, and not existing vehicles?

Colonel ASHLEY

Only new vehicles.


Will it affect the new type of six-wheeled omnibuses which are now running on the streets?

Colonel ASHLEY

I should have to have notice of that question.


Will the proposal in regard to existing vehicles be worked over a term of years, and, in that case, can the Regulations relating to new vehicles be possibly more stringent than would otherwise be the case?

Colonel ASHLEY

I think it would be better to await the issue of the Order. If there be any specific point that my hon. Friend wants to raise, I shall be very glad to go into it.


Will the Order apple to ordinary commercial vehicles as well as to passenger-carrying vehicles?

Colonel ASHLEY

I really think it would be better if the House would await the issue of the Order. There are many very technical details, on which I should not like to answer off-hand.

Colonel DAY

In view of the great importance of this matter, could the right hon. and gallant Gentleman say when the Order will be issued, so that all those interested could get to know the exact date?

Colonel ASHLEY

As soon as may be.