HC Deb 04 July 1927 vol 208 cc864-5

The following question stood upon the Order Paper in the name of LIEUT.-COMMANDER KENWORTHY:

To ask the Secretary of State for Air if he is aware that the posters illustrating mimic warfare at the Hendon Royal Air Force display show the bombing of a village which, as the minaret and mosque clearly indicate, is a Moslem village; and whether in future care will be taken to avoid the use of obviously Moslem buildings for air attack in such displays, in order to avoid the risk of offending our Moslem fellow subjects?

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

In putting this question, may I point out that there is an inaccuracy in the last part of which I was not aware when I put down the question, but the first part is perfectly accurate.

The UNDER-SECRETARY of STATE for AIR (Sir Philip Sassoon)

I have seen the poster referred to, and I suggest to the hon. and gallant Member that he is taking the designer's fanciful effort altogether too seriously.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

Would it not be possible to have a poster which did not contain religious buildings at all, so as to offend nobody's susceptibilities? As the hon. Baronet knows the East, is he not aware that only Moslem villages have buildings of the type depicted?


Would the hon. Baronet arrange next year to have a poster illustrating the bombing of the hon. and gallant Member for Central Hull (Lieut.-Commander Kenworthy)?


I presume the hon. and gallant Member has seen the poster. I must say the impression made on my mind was that it was more like a western lighthouse than an eastern minaret.


Is the hon. Member aware that at the demonstration on Saturday, while the natives were properly bombed in accordance with Christian practice, the building itself was left intact?

Colonel DAY

Can the hon. Baronet say how many of these posters were issued?


I am afraid I could not say that.