HC Deb 25 February 1927 vol 202 cc2054-5

May I ask the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury to tell us what business he proposes to take on Tuesday and Wednesday?

The PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY to the TREASURY (Commander Eyres Monsell)

On Tuesday, until 8.15, the remaining stages of the Poor Law Emergency Provisions (Scotland) Bill and of the Public Works Loans Bill; the Second Reading of the Land Tax Commissioners Bill and of the Police (Appeals) Bill: and, if time permit, other Orders on the Paper.

On Wednesday, until 8.15, the Second Reading of the Forestry Bill and of the Government of India (Indian Navy) Bill; and. if time permit, other Orders on the Paper.


May I ask a question of you, Mr. Speaker, or perhaps you would prefer that I should put it on Monday, in ease you have not had an opportunity of considering it? It is whether you have made up your mind as to the scope of the Debate on Thursday, when I understand that, on the Vote on Account, the question of disarmament is going to be raised; and whether it is your intention to allow a wide scope in that Debate, or to limit it strictly within the usual rules of debate on such an occasion?


That question has been put to me privately, and I gave the reply that it would be open to hon. Members to raise the whole question of the proceedings at Geneva, and also the proposal for a conference from Washington. It would not be in order to go into close details of reduction of armaments on the several Services, but the broad question of the Government's general policy, undoubtedly can be raised.