HC Deb 23 February 1927 vol 202 c1757

asked the hon. Member for Monmouth, as representing the Forestry Commissioners, whether, in view of protests made by residents of the New Forest against the felling of a large number of oak and beech trees in Burley Old Wood, it is the intention of the Forestry Commissioners to proceed with the further destruction of the woodland, bearing in mind the requirements of The New Forest Act, 1877, that the ancient ornamental woods and trees in the forest shall be preserved; whether the Commissioners will first ascertain the views of the Court of Verderers of the New Forest before any further trees are destroyed; and whether it is intended to convert any part of the ancient woodland into a larch plantation or to replant it entirely with oak and beech?

Sir LEOLIN FORIESTIER-WALKER (Forestry Commissioner)

In cutting timber or trees in the New Forest the Forestry Commissioners have two duties imposed on them by the Statute referred to, namely, (a) to maintain the picturesque character of the ground, and (b) to keep the woods replenished. These duties will be complied with in Burley Old Wood. A meeting was recently held between representatives of the Commission and local residents; a further meeting is to be held shortly at which the whole question of management in this wood will be explained and discussed. In the meantime all felling operations have been suspended.