HC Deb 14 December 1927 vol 211 c2295
20. Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

asked the Minister of Labour if he is aware that certain weekly workers, especially oil millers, who, by the nature of their employment, are frequently stood off for a week or weeks at a time, count their week for wages from Monday to Saturday noon, whereas the Employment Exchange week is counted from Wednesday to Wednesday; that, as a result of this, the men on extended benefit lose benefit for one week of their unemployed period, as the first three days count in one week at the Employment Exchange and the last three days in another; and whether it can be arranged differently, so that these workmen do not suffer this disability?

The MINISTER of LABOUR (Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland)

These men are subject to the general rule that, save in cases of hardship, extended benefit cannot be paid to a short-time worker when his earnings in respect of the current benefit week amount to at least half a full week's earnings. I think that the saving in respect of hardship is sufficient to deal with any exceptional case.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

Will the right hon. Gentleman have this matter looked into, particularly in regard to this class of men, whose lot is very hard?


I have already looked into it, but if there are any fresh particulars perhaps the hon. and gallant Member will communicate with me.