HC Deb 08 December 1927 vol 211 cc1605-722


As amended, considered.


The new Clause on the Paper, relating to contributions in respect of temporary employment abroad, in the name of the hon. Member for Thanet (Mr. Harmsworth) is out of order, because it will involve a charge. The same remark applies to the second new Clause—(Employment in ordinary staffs of Ministry of Pensions hospitals)—in the name of the hon. Member for Leith (Mr. E. Brown) and other hon. Members. The first Amendment I select is that in the name of the right hon. Member for Preston (Mr. T. Shaw), to leave out Clause 2.

  1. CLAUSE 2.—(Rates of Contribution in case of young men and young women.) 14,239 words, 1 division
  2. cc1639-49
  3. CLAUSE 4.—(Rates of unemployment benefit.) 4,762 words, 2 divisions
  4. cc1649-701
  5. CLAUSE 5.—(Amendment as to statutory conditions for receipt of benefit.) 22,298 words, 2 divisions
  6. cc1701-21
  7. CLAUSE 6.—(Amendment as to disqualifications for receipt of benefit.) 8,277 words, 1 division
  8. cc1721-2
  9. FOURTH SCHEDULE.—(Minor Amendments.) 177 words