HC Deb 26 April 1927 vol 205 cc642-4
1. Mr. KELLY (for Mr. ROBINSON)

asked the President of the Board of Trade if the reduction of 45.6 per cent., as shown between the years 1924 and 1926, in respect of exports from Great Britain to Japan was due to a depreciation in value of the goods exported or to a reduction in the quantity of the goods exported; and if he will state the trades in which the largest decline tok place?


The answer is long and includes a table of figures. The hon. Member will perhaps agree to my circulating it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.


Would it be possible to state what are the goods?


No, I could not 'fix on the goods. I should say that, as regards the reduction of 45 per cent. in the value of the exports, the hon. Member must bear in mind that the earthquake in Japan in 1923 caused a very heavy export trade to Japan in 1924, and also he must bear in mind that in 1926 there was a very low export of goods to all countries.

Commodity. Units of Quantity. Quantity Exported. Declared Value.
1924. 1926. 1924. 1926.
Iron and steel and manufactures thereof: £ £
Steel bars, rods, etc., other than sheet and tinplate bars. Ton 12,795 5,232 170,842 73,558
Iron and steel plates and sheets, not under 1/8", other than armour plates, not galvanised, not tinned. Ton 2,662 975 35,714 11,429
Iron and steel plates and black sheets under 1/8" thick, other than black plates. Ton 159,381 75,922 3,158,753 1,091,241
Plates and sheets coated:
Galvanised sheets (flat and corrugated). Ton 7,471 996 185,610 17,075
Tinned and terne plates, etc. Ton 22,545 15,319 566,668 311,788
Tubes, pipes and fittings, wrought Ton 1,365 1,707 50,856 61,372
Textile machinery Ton 8,943 6,960 1,026,046 734,449
Cotton piece goods:
Grey, unbleached Sq. yds. 1,292,600 445,800, 75,575 16,151
White, bleached Sq. yds. 6,619,100 3,740,200 331,389 175,407
Printed, all kinds Sq. yds. 3,240,900 1,619,700 181,248 89,095
Dyed in the piece Sq. yds. 6,489,000 3,913,500 576,023 316,532
Of dyed yarn (coloured cottons) Sq. yds. 2,213,800 1,103,900 123,229 47,615
Wool, tops Cental of 100 1bs. 65,359 37,604 1,676,425 767,591
Worsted yarns, combed 1bs. 4,943,000 1,864,000 1,124,136 303,235
Woollen tissues Sq. yds. 29,702,900 9,768,400 4,994,520 1,928,267
Worsted tissues Sq. yds. 8,050,600 2,498,000 1,287,500 459,553
Silk (mixed) piece goods Sq. yds. 214,874 60,789 101,713 22,574
Linen piece goods Sq. yds. 487,200 311,600 46,111 25,096
Ammonium sulphate Ton 58,980 39,517' 802,551 480,600

Following is the answer:

The value of the produce and manufactures of the United Kingdom exported and consigned to Japan was £26,705,000 in 1924 and £13,863,000 in 1926; i.e., a drop of 481 per cent. in the later year. The average values of all British exports were 8.3 per cent. lower in 1926 than in 1924, but the change in the average values of the exports consigned to Japan may have differed from that for exports to all countries. I would remind the hon. Member that our exports to Japan were larger in 1924 because of the earthquake in Japan in 1923, while in 1926 our exports to all countries were adversely affected by the coal stoppage.

The following statement shows the quantities and values of the principal British exports to Japan in 1924 and 1926, as far as the figures are available from the United Kingdom Monthly Trade Returns: