HC Deb 12 April 1927 vol 205 cc168-9
61. Mr. BATEY

asked the Secretary for Mines the output per person of all kinds of coal, excluding lignite, in this country, and also in France, Belgium, and Germany, during the latest three months for which figures are available?

Colonel LANE FOX

The approximate figures are as follow: Great Britain 65 tons, France 41, Belgium 40, and Germany (Ruhr) 79. The periods taken are January-March, 1927, for Great Britain and November, 1926-January, 1927, in the case of the other countries. The hon. Member should bear in mind that the output per person is affected by the regularity of employment.


Can the right hon. Gentleman give any reason for the much larger increase in Germany than in this country?

Colonel LANE FOX

Yes, I think it is probably in part due to the hours of employment.


Is it not a fact that the chief reason given by the mining experts is the much better organised conditions of the mines in regard to the capacity to produce?

Colonel LANE FOX

No, Sir, I do not think there is a great deal in that.


Is it not a fact that in the case of British mine workers, had they worked full time, the output per person would have been much greater than that in the Ruhr?

Colonel LANE FOX

I think that is quite possible.