HC Deb 11 April 1927 vol 205 cc65-6
The CHANCLLOR of the EXCEQUER (Mr. Churchill)

Now I turn to the future, but, I am bound to confess, not with any special sensation of relief. The Estimates for the Supply Services of 1927 have already been laid before the House at a total of £420,490,000. I estimate the Consolidated Fund Services as follows: Debt interest, £305,000,000; Sinking Fund (for the moment), £50,000,000—[Laughter]—for the moment; Road Fund, 19.5 millions; Local Taxation Account, 14.3 millions; Northern Ireland Residuary Share, 5.4 millions; Other Consolidated Fund Services, 3.7 milions. That brings the total of the Consolidated Fund Services to £397,900,000, and, on the above basis, therefore, the total estimated expenditure for 1927, becomes £818,390,000. I have framed these Estimates upon a conservative basis—[Laughter]—conservative basis with a small "c"—and I believe that, apart from unexpected developments in China, they will be solidly maintained.