HC Deb 07 April 1927 vol 204 cc2244-5

asked the Minister of Health whether he is aware of the number of cases of scabies lately among the inmates of casual wards; whether he is aware that this disease can be transmitted from a person having it to another person, if the latter wears an unwashed nightshirt worn by the former; that many other diseases can be transmitted by the same method; if he will amend the Casual Poor Order, 1925, by adding to Article 7, which directs the guardians to provide suitable night clothing, that the night clothing, after being worn by one casual, shall be washed before it is given to another; and if he will consult his medical staff as to what, if any, alterations in diet would be likely to prevent or cure scabies and other skin disease among the casuals?


As regards the first and last parts of this question, I would refer the hon. Member to the reply given on the 21st December, 1925, to the hon. Member for Dovonport (Mr. Hore-Belisha), of which I am sending him a copy. As regards the remainder of the question, I do not consider that night clothing that has been issued for use is suitable for re-issue unwashed, or that the re-issue of such night clothing satisfies the requirements of the existing regulations. My officers have instructions to secure the observance of the regulations in any cases of default.

45. Mr. F. ROBERTS

asked the Minister of Health whether his attention has been called to the report of the master of the workhouse at the recent meeting of the Tiverton Board of Guardians, in which it was stated that 11 casuals were detained from Friday night's admission and 44 were admitted on Saturday night, that owing to lack of room he had to refuse one man who applied for admission, and that 31 were accommodated on the floor of the casuals' day-room and various passages; will he state what was the size of the room on the floor of which the casuals were accommodated; whether the man refused was entitled to accommodation in the workhouse or, if it was full, to outdoor relief under the Merthyr Tydvil case; and whether he will make it known that the regulations as to detention do not apply if their application involves overcrowding, or, if they do apply, whether he will modify them?


My attention has not yet been called to the report mentioned, but I am making inquiries.