HC Deb 06 April 1927 vol 204 cc2057-8

asked the Minister of Labour (1) whether he has considered the desirability of setting up employment committees in each industry representative of the whole industry, supported by employers and trade unions, and in close touch with the employment exchange system and with the local authorities, as suggested by the Blanesburgh Commitete; and whether he proposes to take action along these lines;

(2) whether the Ministry is proposing to hold an inquiry into the arrangements for the recruitment and discharge of labour in industry with a view to finding measures that will prevent the introduc-

TABLE showing for various dates the estimated number of persons in Great Britain insured under the Unemployment Insurance Acts (including persons insured under Special Schemes) the numbers whose unemployment books were lodged and the differences between these two figures.
Date. Estimated numbers insured. Numbers whose unemployment books were lodged. Excess of (2) over (3).||
(1) (2) (3) (4)
July, 1921 11,080,950 2,429,236† 8,651,714¶
July 1922 11,180,950 1,504,094 9,676,856
July 1923 11,231,980 1,255,682 9,976,298
July 1924 11,373,510 1,044,540 10,328,970
July 1925 11,623,220 1,341,079‡ 10,282,141
July 1926 11,773,700 1,683,195§ 10,090,505¶
21st March, 1927 11,848,700* 1,146,755 10,701,945*
* Provisional estimate only.
† Affected by trade disputes in the coal mining and cotton industries.
‡ Affected by crisis in the coal mining industry.
§ Affected by dispute in the coal mining industry.
|| The figures in this column include persons involved in trade disputes and also non-employment due to sickness and customary holidays for which unemployment benefit was not payable.
¶ Including over one million miners involved in a trade dispute.

tion of redundant labour into particular occupations, secure an adequate supply of effective labour in all industries, ensure greater stability of employment, and generally improve the conditions and control of the supply of labour, as urged by the Blanesburgh Committee?

53. Mr. T. THOMSON

asked the Minister of Labour whether he is prepared to set up employment committees in each industry representative of the whole industry, including employers, trade unions, Employment Exchange committees, and local authorities, as recommended by the Blanesburgh Committee?


Careful consideration is being given to the recommendations of the Blanesburgh Committee to which reference is made, but I cannot at present say what action it will be practicable to take.