HC Deb 05 April 1927 vol 204 cc1868-9

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the number of officers in the under-mentioned grades serving in the Customs and Excise Department as at 1st March, 1927, higher clerical officers (men), higher clerical officers (women), clerical officers (men), clerical officers (women), higher grade clerks (men), Departmental clerical officers (men), Departmental clerical officers (women), P-class clerks, temporary male clerks, typing grade (permanent), writing assistants; and the allocation of such officers as between Secretary's, Accountant and Comptroller-General's statistical, and collectors' offices, respectively?


As the answer is in tabular form, I will, with the hon. Member's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

The particulars requested are given in the subjoined table as at 1st January, 1927, which is the latest date for which they are available.

Number of officers in the undermentioned grades serving on 1st January, 1927.
Grade. Headquarters. Ex-Headquarters.
Secretaries' Office Group. Accountant and Comptroller General's Office. Statistical Office. Collections. Total.
Higher Clerical Officers (Men) 12 34 21 67
Higher Clerical Officers (Women). 1 1
Clerical Officers (Men) 115 249 163 527
Clerical Officers (Women) 3 25 2 30
Clerks, Higher Grade, Departmental Class (Men) 58 58
Clerks, Departmental Class (Men). 877 877
Clerks, Departmental Class (Women). 49 49
"P" Class Clerks 25 30 19 273 347
Temporary Male Clerks 17 35 18 283 353
Shorthand Typists 7 1 8
Typists 20 3 23
Writing Assistants 12 21 33

NOTE.—The fifth column of the table includes officers serving not only in Collectors' Offices, but also in Sub-Offices and Stations, and has been beaded "Collections" accordingly.

A number of posts of Clerk, Higher Grade, Departmenal Class, are blocked by Officers of Customs and Excise and the number 58 shown in the fifth column is exclusive of these Officers.