HC Deb 04 April 1927 vol 204 cc1673-4
37. Mr. HAYES

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department what are the latest figures available regarding British trade through Hong Kong and Shanghai, respectively; what are the comparable figures for German trade through these two ports; and what were the comparative figures of British and German trade immediately before the War?


The answer is a long one, and the hon. Member will perhaps agree to its circulation in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the reply:

The latest particulars published by the Chinese Maritime Customs showing the trade of Shanghai with various countries relate to the year 1925. In that year the total trade with the United Kingdom (imports and exports together) was valued at £ 17, 370,000, and the total trade 'with Germany at £4,643,000. Corresponding particulars for years before the War were not published.

The Government of Hong Kong has published particulars of trade with individual countries for periods extending only to the middle of 1925. In the year ended June, 1925, the value of the total trade (imports and exports together) shown as carried on with the United Kingdom amounted to approximately £9,580,000, and the value of that with Germany to £1,540,000. Records of this character were not prepared before the War. According to the records of the United Kingdom, the aggregate imports from and exports to Hong Kong were valued at £5,230,000 in 1913,. at £8,660,000 in the year ended June, 1925, and at £3,916,000 in the calendar year 1926. The official accounts of German trade show for the year 1913 an aggregate value of imports from and exports to Hong Kong amounting to £223,000. Corresponding figures for recent years have not been published.

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