HC Deb 23 November 1926 vol 200 c208

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty which of His Majesty's ships afloat have the general messing system in force; whether a naval cookery officer is borne in each ship; and who is responsible for the general messing?

The FIRST LORD of the ADMIRALTY (Mr. Bridgeman)

General messing is in force in 21 ships, of which I will send my hon. Friend details, if he desires. The answer to the second part of the question is in the negative, and as regards the last part, the Accountant Officer is responsible.

40. Sir B. FALLE

also asked the Parliamentary Secretary whether he is aware that the paucity in promotion to warrant rank of chief petty officer cooks is caused the age limit for retirement of warrant instructors of cookery remaining at 55 years; and what are the reasons for differentiating in the retiring age between the various classes of naval and marine warrant officers?


Provision has already been made by Admiralty Fleet Order 3034 of 1923 for the reduction of the age of retirement of warrant officers of the cookery branch and other branches not affected by the retirement scheme of 1922, the change being made gradually so as to minimise as tar as possible any hardship to officers a ready promoted to warrant rank before the 1st July, 1923. The last part of the question does not, therefore, arise.