HC Deb 23 November 1926 vol 200 cc189-90

I would like, Mr. Speaker, to ask you a question as to privilege. Under the Emergency Powers Act, 1920, a Proclamation may be issued in Council declaring a state of emergency. The Act provides that the Proclamation shall be forthwith communicated to Parliament. I observe from the newspapers that such a Proclamation was issued on Saturday, but as far as I am aware no communication whatever has been made to either House of Parliament, and I submit that this is a breach of the statutory privileges of this House.


If it be a breach of the Statute, the remedy does not lie with me. It is not for me to answer that question. As to the question of the privilege of this House, the hon. and gallant Member has not given me notice of the matter, and I cannot deal with it without notice.

Captain BENN

I submit that this House is the right place in which to raise a question as to whether the privileges of the House, statutory or by practice, are infringed. The reason I could not give you, Mr. Speaker, notice was that I had been expecting that such notice would have been received,. and as such a message has not been received I thought. It my duty to draw your attention to the fact that the privileges of this House had been infringed.


I am informed that a Message is to be delivered to the House to-day. On the other point, I cannot give any answer without time for consideration.