HC Deb 18 November 1926 vol 199 cc1935-7
18. Mr. G. HALL

asked the Home Secretary if his attention has been drawn to the police baton charge at Abercwmboi, Aberdare, on Tuesday, 9th November, at which charge a boy, 13 years of age, suffering from epilepsy, a disabled soldier in receipt of 100 per cent. disablement pension, and other men, women, and children, were struck and knocked down indiscriminately; if he is aware that serious complaints are being made by the inhabitants against the behaviour and language of the imported police; and will he order an inquiry to be made into the circumstances of the baton charge and the conduct of some of the police now stationed in that area?


I have obtained from the Chief Constable a report on the events of the evening of the May last would involve a very heavy task, and would not be very useful.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that when miners' representatives have been on the Bench they have been asked to withdraw, and have done so? Can the right hon. Gentleman not issue some general instructions?


That does not arise out of the original question.

The figures promised are as follows:

9th instant at Abercwmboi. It appears that the police had proceeded to the house of a man willing to work at the Aberaman Colliery, in order to escort him to work, and they were followed by a crowd which grew to 500. persons. The crowd commenced to stone the police, and as it was feared that they would rush the colliery premises, steps were taken to stop their advance. However, the crowd stoned the police more heavily, and attempted to rush the cordon. It was dark and heavy rain falling, and in the circumstances I am satisfied that there was no alternative to dispersing the crowd by a charge, and I see no reason for any further inquiry into that aspect of the matter.


Will the right hon. Gentleman meet me, in order that I may convey to him some very serious charges against the police. I do not desire to trouble the House with them now.


Of course, I need hardly say I am always open to receive the hon. Member or any other hon. Member of this House.