HC Deb 16 November 1926 vol 199 c1656
2. Lieut.-Colonel LAMBERT WARD

asked the President of the Board of Trade if his attention has been called to the increased duty on vegetable oils imposed in Portugal; and if he intends to take any steps in the matter?


The duty on such oils was increased in common with several other rates of Customs duty by a Portuguese Decree of 27th September. His Majesty's Ambassador was able to secure the postponement of the operation of these increases until 15th November, but, so far, the Portuguese Government have not agreed to any modification in the rates proposed. I am, however, in consultation with the Foreign Secretary as to what further steps can usefully be taken.

Lieut.-Colonel WARD

Is it not a fact that Portugal receives very favourable privileges? Foe example, is it not a fact that Portugal enjoys a monopoly, by Treaty, of the port wine trade? Could not that be abrogated in the event of a mild protest being disregarded?


It is always possible to denounce a commercial Treaty, upon notice prescribed in the Treaty, but it does not necessary follow that that is always a wise course.