HC Deb 10 November 1926 vol 199 cc1054-5

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he can state for the information of merchants exporting cotton textiles to China how many of the provinces have introduced the 2½ per cent. surtax; whether the British Government is advising British importers to submit to it; and what is the policy of the British Government at the present time on the subject of the proposed interim Chinese tariff?


No provinces have introduced the 2½ per cent. surtax. The local administration at Canton has introduced production and consumption taxes at the rate of 2½ per cent. on ordinary goods and 5 per cent. on imported luxuries. The provincial authorities of Shantung have introduced a goods tax at the rate of 2 per cent.ad ralorem. Individual merchants are paying these taxes under protest, and protests have been made by the representatives of the Treaty Powers at Peking and at the ports affected. The consideration of the proposed interim Chinese tariff cannot be renewed until China is in a position to resume negotiations with the Powers.