HC Deb 10 November 1926 vol 199 c1053

I beg to present a petition from the users of the City Churches in the City of London against the Union of Benefices and Disposal of Churches (Metropolis) Measure, 1926. This petition is signed by Thomas Ellis, deputy, and 9,725 other actual users of the City Churches, and is in the following words: We, the inhabitants of and daily workers in the City of London, being users of the parish churches and church yards of the City, regard with dismay the proposals contained in the Union of Benefices and Disposal of Churches (Metropolis) Measure now before your honourable House, proposing to give power to the Bishop of London to bring about the demolition of ancient City churches, and thus deprive your petitioners of the convenient facilities they at present enjoy for attendance at midday services and for private devotion, now so general throughout the City of London.