HC Deb 04 May 1926 vol 195 cc192-3

asked the Minister of Transport if he has any information as to whether the adoption of the roundabout system of traffic at various crossings in London has increased the risks of accident to foot passengers?

Colonel ASHLEY

The effect of the adoption of the roundabout system of traffic working, including risks to pedestrians, has been under observation by the technical officers of my Department and by the police. The experience gained, as reflected in the figures of accidents, would appear to indicate that the risks of accident have been reduced, and it is hoped that this tendency may be more marked as pedestrians become more accustomed to the system.

34. Captain T. J. O'CONNOR

asked the Minister of Transport the number of accidents tabulated as fatal, non-fatal, and involving merely injury to property, respectively, which have occurred at each point at which the roundabout system of traffic control is in operation in London since the system was put into operation: and whether he can give the corresponding figures for a similar period before the system was put into operation?


I have been asked to reply on behalf of the Home Office. I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a return showing the accidents recorded for a period of one month from the institution of the system, as compared with the corresponding period one year previously.

Following is the return promised:

Date of Institution of roundabout system. Period. Accidents to persons. Other accidents.
Fatal. Non-fatal.
Parliament Square 4th January, 1926 4th Jan., 1925–3rd Feb., 1925 2 10
4th Jan., 1926–3rd Feb., 1926 1 21
Victoria Memorial 25th January, 1926 25th Jan., 1925–24th Feb., 1925 1 3
25th Jan., 1926–24th Feb., 1926 2
Hyde Park Corner 22nd March, 1926 22nd Mar., 1925–21st Apr., 1925 2 24
22nd Mar., 1926–21st Apr., 1926 1 44
Aldwych 12th October, 1925 12th Oct., 1924–11th Nov., 1924 2 3
12th Oct.,1925–11th Nov., 1925 2 6