HC Deb 03 May 1926 vol 195 cc9-10
18. Brigadier - General CLIFTON BROWN

asked the Minister of Agriculture what was the number of store and fat cattle imported into this country in 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1925; and what was the average price per pound weight of home-killed beef in each of those years?


As the reply is rather long, and contains a number of figures, I propose, with my hon. and gallant Friend's permission, to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Brigadier-General BROWN

Will the right hon. Gentleman say whether the price has increased or decreased?


Speaking generally, it has decreased a little. The first quality, second quality and ribs have all gone down about ½d., whereas thin flank has fallen by Id. over the period of years which I have given.

Following is the reply:

The numbers of fat and store cattle (for food) imported into Great Britain and the whole of Ireland during each of the past four years have been as follow:

Year Fat Cattle. Store Cattle. Total
1922 49,557 49,557
1923 45,012 16,937 61,949
1924 64,066 14,518 78,584
1925 80,619 31,405 112,024

The numbers of store cattle represent the numbers of cattle imported from Canada which were licensed out from the landing places for further feeding in this country. Cattle shipped as stores but slaughtered on arrival have been included under fat cattle.

The average wholesale prices of English beef in certain large towns in England and Wales and the average retail prices of two cuts of British beef in the United Kingdom each of the past four years have been as follows:

Year. Average wholesale Price of English Beef per lb. Average Retail Price Per lb.
1st Quality. 2nd Quality. Ribs. Thin Flank.
d. d d. d.
1922 10⅜ 9⅜ 18½ 11
1923 9⅞ 9 17¾ 10¼
1924 9⅞ 9 17¾ 10
1925 9⅞ 9 17¾ 10

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