HC Deb 09 March 1926 vol 192 cc2083-4

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he is aware of the constant complaints which have been made against the pollution of the air and the stench caused by the smoke coming from Dixon's works on the south side of Glasgow, and the effect this is having on the health of the local residents; if he is aware that nothing has been done by the local authority to have any improvements carried out; and if he will take steps to see that this grievance is removed?

The SECRETARY of STATE for SCOTLAND (Sir John Gilmour)

I am aware that complaints of offensive odours from Messrs. Dixon's works have been made. These complaints have been carefully investigated and remedies sought by the local authority. Messrs. Dixon have, I am informed, recently taken certain steps, though it is still too early to say whether these will succeed in removing the cause of complaint. The matter is engaging the active attention of the local authority, and the Board of Health are keeping the position under close observation.


Does my right hon. Friend not think there is more pollution of the air of Glasgow by some of the speeches made there than by the smoke coming from Dixon's works?


May I ask you, Mr. Speaker, whether, if that question had been asked by one of the members here, he would not have been suspended?


I think humour is regarded as allowable.


May I ask the Secretary of State for Scotland for how many generations Dixon's works, commonly known as "Dixon's Blazes" all over the world, have existed, and whether the grievance has been added to in recent years?


The hon. Member should give notice of that question.


I want to know from the Secretary of State for Scotland if he can tell us whether, owing to the new processes that have been adopted in recent years, unknown to the last hon. Member who put a question, in connection with by-products, the nuisance may not be caused by the setting free of noxious gases, causing a bad atmosphere?


I understand the local authorities are taking every precaution to see that that matter is remedied.