HC Deb 02 March 1926 vol 192 cc1239-40

asked the Minister of Transport how many toll-gates, at which charges are made, are still in operation in Great Britain; and what efforts are being made to do away with these hindrances to traffic?

Colonel ASHLEY

There are 64 toll-roads and 127 toll-bridges in Great Britain. The question of freeing the more important of these roads and bridges is engaging the attention of local authorities in increasing numbers. The initiative must rest with the local authorities concerned, by whom application may be made for assistance from the Road Fund. Any such applications will be considered with due regard to the importance of the road or bridge and the amount of the moneys which may be available for this purpose.


Is it not a fact that the county which is honoured by the residence of the right hon. Gentleman himself is a very bad offender in this regard?


As these tolls are being taken away at a very slow rate indeed, cannot the Minister do something to compel the local authorities to speed up their action?

Colonel ASHLEY

I am a believer in local government. This is a matter for the local authorities. If they consider a scheme and submit it to me I shall be very glad to give them what help I can, but the responsibility must rest primarily with the local authorities.


Will the right hon. Gentleman consider the advisability of using the surplus of the Road Fund in relief of those areas where local authorities are backward?


If the local authorities and county council put up a scheme may we take it that they are almost certain to get a grant to help them?

Colonel ASHLEY

No, my right hon. Friend must not take that as the fact. Their case will receive the most favour able consideration.

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