HC Deb 02 March 1926 vol 192 cc1256-7

Mr. WILLIAM NICHOLSON reported from the Chairmen's Panel; That they had come to the following Resolutions, which they had directed him to report to the House:

  1. (1) "That any Member of the Chairmen's Panel may and he is hereby empowered to ask any other Member of the Chairmen's Panel to take his place temporarily in case of necessity."
  2. (2) "That, in the absence of the Chairman of the Chairmen's Panel, the Panel may be convened at the request of any two Members of the Panel."
  3. (3) "That where, on two successive sittings of a Standing Committee called for the consideration of a particular Bill, the Committee has to be adjourned by reason of the absence of a quorum within the first twenty minutes of the time for which the said Committee was summoned, the Chairman do instruct the Clerk to place the particular Bill at the bottom of the list of Bills then waiting consideration of that Committee, and that the Committee shall forthwith be convened to consider the other Bill or Bills then waiting."
  4. (4) "That it is the undoubted and established right of the Chairman who is appointed to a Standing Committee for the consideration of a particular Bill to name the day and hour on which the consideration of the Bill shall begin."

Mr. WILLIAM NICHOLSON further reported from the Chairmen's Panel: That they had appointed Mr. Short to act as Chairman of Standing Committee A (in respect of the Re-election of Ministers Bill), Sir Robert Sanders (in respect of the Criminal Justice (Increase of Penalties) Bill), Sir Cyril Cobb (in respect of the Adoption of Children Bill), and Mr. Ellis Davies (in respect of the Births and Deaths Registration Bill); and that they had appointed Mr. James Brown to act as Chairman of the Standing Committee on Scottish Bills (in respect of the Allotments (Scotland) Bill).

Reports to lie upon the Table.