HC Deb 02 March 1926 vol 192 c1214

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he is taking any steps to prevent imported insulated electric wire, in which reclaimed rubber has been used, being utilised in buildings in the erection of which his Department has jurisdiction, in view of the risk of fire arising owing to the reclaimed rubber disintegrating the insulation and setting up short circuit?


My attention has not been called to any instance in which material such as is referred to has been used. Having regard to the terms of Section 10 (1) of the Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924, I am precluded from taking any steps to prevent the use of imported materials on assisted housing schemes, but all houses erected with State subsidy must comply with the requirement of the Scottish Board of Health that the materials used must be of good quality such as is ordinarily specified by a local authority in a contract for working-class houses. In the event of the Board being satisfied that materials not in compliance with their requirements had been used in subsidised houses, they would take steps to withhold payment of the State subsidy. Material such as is referred to in the question is not according to Board's general specification, and if brought to their notice would not be passed as complying with Board's requirements.

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