HC Deb 29 June 1926 vol 197 c978
34. Lieut.-Colonel WINDSOR-CLIVE

asked the Prime Minister whether he is in a position to give any information with regard to the proposed College of Imperial Defence?

The PRIME MINISTER (Mr. Baldwin)

I am able to give the following general and preliminary information in regard to the Imperial Defence College. The function of the College will be the training of a body of officers and civilian officials in the broadest aspects of imperial strategy. The instructional staff will be drawn from the three fighting services, and the commandant will be nominated in turn by each service. The size of the College is being computed on a basis of 30 graduates per course, which includes vacancies held at the disposal of the Governments of the Dominions and India should they wish to avail themselves of its facilities. Arrangements are being made for the co-operation of the Civil Service in the work of the College. It is intended that the College shall begin in a, small way, and gradually develop to its full sphere of usefulness in the light of experience gained in its working.


Can the Prime Minister say where this college will be situated; and in what building?


I think it will be in London. As the scheme is only now being developed. I suggest that further questions be put in the course of discussion on the Appropriation Bill.


Has any estimate been made of the annual cost per graduate?


The cost is very trifling and will not need any further Estimate. That is a subject which could be raised in later discussion.