HC Deb 29 June 1926 vol 197 cc969-70

asked the Secretary of State for War what procedure is followed in the case of those men invalided from His Majesty's Army who desire to question the decision of the medical officer which deprives them of pension rights; and whether the medical officer's report, which is the basis of the complaint, is referred to and taken as evidence of the correctness of that report?


A man whose claim to disablement, pension has been rejected by the Commissioners of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, on the strength of the report of a medical board may appeal to the Commissioners for reconsideration of his case on medical grounds and may state the grounds of his appeal. The report of the medical board is considered in conjunction with the whole of the man's medical history during his Army service. Any evidence which the man may adduce in his own interest is also considered and investigated by reference to his late commanding officer or other persons likely to be able to confirm his statement. The opinions of the consulting physician and surgeon to the Army are obtained when necessary before a decision is given.


Does not the right hon. Gentleman think it desirable that the aggrieved person should have a right to appeal in person or through a representative, as is the case with the Ministry of Pensions?


That is a very dehatable question which the hon. Member constantly raises at question time. If he will deal with it at a time when I can reply, I shall be very glad to meet him in debate.

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