HC Deb 28 June 1926 vol 197 cc813-4

asked the Minister of Labour the number of men in training at the present time at the Claydon Colony; the period of training to be given each man; the amount of wages and other emoluments paid each man during training; how many men have been employed by local farmers hoeing sugar-beet; how many are at present employed by farmers on the same or any other kind of work; the actual wages per acre or otherwise paid for sugar-beet hoeing or other land work; is this paid direct to the men who do the work or to the Government; and will he say what is the local rate paid for sugar-beet hoeing by ordinary labour and the minimum wage paid to agricultural workers?


The number of men in training at Claydon is 195. The normal period of training is six months. Trainees for overseas receive free training, board and lodging and an allowance of 58. per week. The work on local farms is done at a contract price, paid to the centre, and not affecting the remuneration of the trainees who have performed this work as part of their training. The total area covered by the contracts for hoeing and other work is small and the number of trainees who at various times have been engaged on the work is 70 (including 48 at present). The contract prices vary according to the class of work. The minimum local rate for agricultural labourers is 29s. 2d. for 50 hours during summer months.


Is the rate of pay equivalent to what has, been paid to the ordinary labourer?


Yes, Sir: it is the normal, average amount paid to the labourer in the district.