HC Deb 26 July 1926 vol 198 cc1690-1

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what advantages, if any, have been secured by His Majesty's Government for this country, other than the right to construct the Tsana barrage, in return for the concessions made to the Italian Government in Southern and Western Abyssinia?


His Majesty's Government were not seeking advantages for this country but the development of the water supply of the Sudan and Egypt, on which the future prosperity of those countries depends. The Tsana barrage is an essential element in this development, and the only object of the recently concluded Agreement with Italy was to secure Italian support in subsequent negotiations with the Abyssinian Government who alone can authorise the construction of the Tsana barrage. We shall, I hope, be able to show the Abyssinian Government that this work will serve the interests of Abyssinia as well as of the Sudan and Egypt.

Colonel DAY

May I ask whether any subsequent agreement has been come to with the Italian Government and our representative in Rome?


The only agreement has already been made public.

Captain BENN

Does the agreement with Italy in reference to this matter go beyond the terms of the 1906 Treaty?


No. Certainly not.

43. Mr. BUXTON

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the Abyssinian Government has made any application to the League of Nations for the use of the latter's good offices or influence in connection with the recent negotiations between the British Government and Italy?


Yes, Sir. His Majesty's Government received on the 24th July a letter from the Acting Secretary-General to the League of Nations transmitting to them a copy of a communication in which the Abyssinian Government invited the observations of the League in regard to the Anglo-Italian exchange of notes.


May I ask whether it will come before the Council or the Assembly in September?


I imagine it will come before the Council.