HC Deb 20 July 1926 vol 198 c1036

asked the Minister of Health (1) if he is aware of the nuisance and the menace to the health of the neighbourhood caused by the dust-shoot at Purfleet, and that its existence is calculated to hinder the development of the neighbourhood as an industrial neighbourhood; and if he will take steps to see that this nuisance is not continued and that no fresh dust-shoots are allowed to be created;

(2) if he is aware that the effluent from the dust-shoot at Purfleet is of a highly noxious and offensive nature and is polluting the freshwater drains in the surrounding flats and also the Thames into which it flows; and will he take steps to have this pollution put an end to;

(3) if he is aware of the nuisance caused to Tilbury by the existence of the dust-Shoot there, and that such heap is a menace to the health of the town; and will he take steps to ensure that no further additions are made to the shoot, and that no fresh shoots are allowed to be created?


An inspection was made some two years ago of the two tips to which my hon. Friend refers, and that inspection did not disclose nuisance or menace to health. My right hon. Friend has, however, directed that a fresh inspection shall be made in the immediate future.