HC Deb 01 July 1926 vol 197 cc1332-3

asked the Secretary of State for Air, what procedure is followed in the case of those men invalided from His Majesty's Air Force who desire to question the decision of the medical officer' which deprives them of pension rights; and whether the medical officer s Report, which is the basis of the complaint, is referred to and taken as evidence of the correctness of the Report?

The UNDER-SECRETARY of STATE for AIR (Sir Philip Sassoon)

When an airman is dissatisfied with the decision, not, as stated in the question, of a medical officer but of a board of medical officers, normally three, that his disability is not directly attributable to service, and appeals to the Air Ministry, he is asked to furnish the grounds of his appeal if not already given in his letter, and in particular any evidence additional to that considered by the board. On receipt of the information the decision of the invaliding board is reviewed in the light of all the facts and of any further evidence available, and if the case appeared to warrant it a further board would be held.