HC Deb 22 February 1926 vol 192 cc4-5

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether he has now received the Report of the Committee appointed to consider the question of the Bombay Back Bay reclamation scheme; what part of the scheme it is now intended to proceed with; to what extent it will be abandoned; what the eventual loss will be in connection with the portion of the operations not to be proceeded with; and upon whom the loss will fall?


The Report is expected to reach the India Office next week. The question of the action to be taken on it is under the consideration of the Government of Bombay, upon whom will fall any loss in connection with the scheme.


Is the Noble Lord aware that the Report has been in this country for at least a week and in the hands of private individuals; and is it correct that Sir Alexander Gibbs is being sent out?


The reason why the Report has been in the hands of people in this country and not in those of my Noble Friend is that it is not a Report to my Noble Friend or to the Government of India, but is a Report to the Government of Bombay. The reason why it has not reached my Noble Friend is that it has first to be seen by the Government of India before a copy is sent officially to the Secretary of State. I prefer to answer any further questions when the Report has been received and I have seen it.